Monday, April 12, 2010

Potted Flowers

Recently I have become obsessed with anything to do with flowers. Inside, outside it doesn't matter; I love them all! Being new to all things flowers I was nervous and didn't know where to start.

Project #1

While cleaning for a client I came across a plant that really struck my eye; Jade. I knew I just had to have one of my own! The color would work perfect against our bedroom walls, and would really make the green pop in my "Escape" pastel drawing. Off to Home Depot I went, purchased a Jade plant, a light green pot and got to work.

What do you think?

Project #2

A week later my mom offered me a large outdoor plastic pot she wasn't using that I gladly accepted; free is always a plus (especially when you are unemployed)! I thought the pot would work perfect on the side patio and add a punch of color to our outdoor dining.

I knew I wanted to go for an organic look. Here are some flowers that struck my eye...

Here it is... I still want to add some vines to drape down the sides and some Shasta daisies, but I am very pleased with it so far!


  1. Very pretty! The colors will add so much to the outside of your home. The jade plant is the only plant my mom was ever able to keep alive. Both Rob and I gave her a starter planted in a small milk carton for a Mother's Day gift when we were in kindergarten. My dad transferred the plants into a football planter where they lived and grew until I was a senior in college. My dad even received special permission to bring the plant on the airplane when we moved to Hawaii in '86. Unfortunately, the plant did not survive that move. Just a little history for you. :) Love, Maria

  2. Thank you so much for sharing Maria; I love hearing stories about Mom :)