Monday, May 3, 2010

Broad Street Run 2010

Yesterday Shawn and I finished our second annual Broad Street Run!!! This is 10 mile run straight down Broad Street in Philadelphia. We started doing this last year for our one year wedding anniversary (which is May 10) and it only seemed right to do it again for our two year anniversary.

This year 30,000 people registered!

Saturday night we laid out everything so we wouldn't forget something at 5:30 a.m. Thank goodness we didn't forget the suntan lotion!

We also made t-shirts again this year. We used american apparel t-shirts because they are the best!

Yes Harper made it on our shirts; are you surprised?! It only made sense to take him with us since he also did some of the training. ( I think it is so funny how serious Shawn looks in the pictures!)

We trained for 10 weeks but nothing could have got us ready for the heat! 89 degrees, sunny and humid!!!! This was much different than last years rain! Another thing that was different this year was we decided to go without our iPod's (I know can you believe it? Shawn without an iPod or anything Apple on him?!) I have to say it was great without them! We really got to experience the city, cheering, live music, Dj's, cow bells, harmonicas, bag pipes, dogs, kids and we got to run through open fire hydrants!

Well we finished! Slower than last year but we finished healthy and happy :)

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