Saturday, May 29, 2010

Golf Clock

The last two weeks my cousin and I have been painting and decorating my uncle's new condo. It has been alot of fun and alot of WORK! Our goal was to incorporate my uncles favorite things; his three kids, golf and plants. The end result looks fantastic :)

Here is one of my favorite projects that was successful (even though the guy at Home Depot had no faith in us)...

...sorry for the not so good photos...I forgot the Nikon so I used my iPhone...

We had a couple different ideas on what to put over the TV. We knew it couldn't be too large and because every other wall was covered in square pictures we thought something circular would work perfect. During our brainstorming we thought of screwing golf balls directly into the wall and gluing a tee to the bottom to create 3-D art. First we went to Modell's to get golf balls and tees. When explaining our idea to a Modell's employee he laughed and thought we were crazy. Next stop Home Depot. We asked an associate what we would need to drill through a golf ball. He gave us a funny look and said, "Can I ask why?" We told him our idea and he didn't seem to have much faith in us. He told us we would need a vice attached to a table or something. Since that wasn't going to happen (and after the associate walked away) we opted for an adjustable wrench that was large enough for a golf ball to fit in. We thought hey what's the worst that could happen?

Well we were successful drilling through the golf ball....

If you ever wondered what was in the center of a Nike golf ball, a rubbery blue substance that doesn't smell to good.

...But after we put two golf balls and glued the tees to them, we realized this wasn't coming out the way we planned. So off to brainstorming and filling in the holes on the wall.

We then came up with a clock using the golf balls as the numbers and purchasing an "arm" clock.

And....Success :)

Getting the clock right was a little tricky but after figuring out the 12, 3, 6 and 9 we were able to measure out the others.

You could do this project with almost anything; beer caps, soda caps, playing cards, coins, buttons....etc.

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  1. Dude that clock is freaking fantastic! You are quite talented!